36mm carbon mtb wheels 29er 28mm deepth Ratchet 60T mountain bicycle wheelset TME9328

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As a popular OEM (original equipment manufacturer) carbon wheelset choice, thanks to its performance and price, the without paintng rim has proven to be a tough, reliable and comfortable set of wheels.

The hubs are  six-bolt disc rotors.

The freehub has 3 points, Sram xd, Shimano 11s, Shimano Mirco spline. Ratchet system 60T, Not the lightest, but light for the price

The M60 hub wheelset was very comfortable and didn’t squirm or flex, creating no strange quirks or noises when pushed hard.

We found the 30mm internal width to be a good compromise for most tyre widths, especially if you’re planning on using 2.4in or 2.5in tyres.

36mm carbon mtb wheels 29er 28mm deepth Ratchet 60T mountain bicycle wheelset TME9328

Product features

Wheels Model: 36mm wide carbon mtb wheels 29er


Model: TME9328

Rim External width: 36mm

Rim inner width: 30mm

Rim depth: 28mm

Offset: 3.5mm

Erd: 583mm

Weight: 400 gr

Type: Hookless

Tubeless: Ready

Weight Limit: 125kgs

Spoke Tension: ≤125kgf recommended


Model: Serenade bikes M60

Front: 100 x 5mm quick replease, 100 x 12mm, 100 x 15mm, 110 x 15mm

Rear: 135 x 5mm quick replease, 142 x 12mm, 148 x 12mm.

Ratchet : 60T

Weight: 359 gr


Sapim cx-ray, Pillar 1420, Pillar wing 10

Color: Black


AL7075 black or Red

Wheelset weight:

Front and rear wheel total weight: 1450 +/- 5% gr


Spare spoke 2 pieces, Tubeless tape, Valve.

It’s no secret that mountain bikes have been in love with 29" wheels for quite a while now. More recently, they have also developed a soft spot for everything tubeless. After disc and boost, tubeless is the next standard to conquer the hearts of MTBs and their riders. The reasons for this are rather practical than romantic. Tubeless tyres offer more puncture safety, even with low air pressure. Thus, traction is tremendously increased! Snakebites and small punctures are no longer a worry. If the rim is tubeless ready, all you need is a special rim tape, a tubeless valve (which will usually come with the tyre) and a tyre sealant. In the end, tubeless bike tyres are particularly airtight clinchers. Convert to tubeless and enjoy the carefree rides with your 29" wheels on almost any kind of terrain!

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