36mm wide carbon mtb bike wheels M60 hub allmoutain xco bike wheelset

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     36mm wide carbon mtb bike wheels M60 hub allmoutain  xco bike wheelset

     Ditch your inner tubes with these tubeless options

    With a unique shape and ride-tune, the TME9328 balances compliance and vibration damping for all-day comfort, while retaining quick cornering, acceleration, and gravity-rated strength. Offset spoke holes balance spoke tensions to help preserve the wheels’ quickness and the spoke’s integrity – despite the rim’s additional compliance.

    The Wide Hookless Bead dissipates impact energy preventing the rim from slicing the tire. This means you can pick the tires, casings, and pressures you want to run, instead of letting the fear of flats dictate these important decisions for you. The TME9328 helps to prevent pinch-flats and ruined rides with our proven, patent-pending Wide Hookless Bead.


Rim : TME9328

External Width: 36mm

Internal Width: 30mm

Depth: 28mm

Offset: 3.5mm

Hole Count: 28H

Effective Rim Diameter:  605mm

Rim weight: 400 gr

Carbon firber weave: ud

Hub: M50

O.L.D Front 110 x 15mm

        Rear: 148 x 12mm

Spokes: Pillar 1420

Wheels weight: 1400 +/- 5%

Asymmetric spoke holes for more balanced spoke tensions

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