What size are gravel bike wheels?

   Wheels are one of those things that everyone should take the time to know how to build. If you're riding in the wilderness you should not buy an off the shelf wheel set, you should build your own to your spec.

Crush Gravel

Every. Single. Damn. Time

Gravel = everything unpaved. That means cinders. And dirt. And mud. And service roads. And Rock. And Sand. And a lot more.

It’s the fastest growing segment of cycling partly because it’s so easy to love. But if you’re not prepared, it can be just as easy to hate. You not only need special equipment, but also a different kind of fitness, fueling, finesse, gear, and grit.    Aerodynamics of the rider: The rider is responsible for most of the wind resistance. Many gravel bikes have a more upright riding position, which is less aero. There is no reason why a gravel bike couldn’t use the same riding position as a racing bike . After all, gravel roads are roads, and there is no need to change the position just because the ground is a bit rougher.

    The more upright position may be more comfortable, especially for long rides, but this applies to road bikes just as much as it does to gravel bikes.

  Almost all gravel wheelsets will be disc brake specific, tubeless-ready, and spin around thru-axles. The internal rim diameter will be somewhere between road wheels and MTB wheels, typically in the range of 20-25mm, to accommodate wider gravel tires.

 Depending on the severity of your local gravel track, a road bike will happily take on some light gravel grinding. While geometry may not be as long and slack as the Best gravel bikes, converting an old frame or bike is an excellent way to dip the toe into gravel riding.

Carbon bike wheelset parts

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