Carbon bike wheelset parts

Serenade bikes mainly provide high-quality carbon fiber bicycle rims, through the assembly of bicycle accessories, you will have a perfect bicycle wheel.

 We have many bike parts, like bike hubs on famous brand, Spoke work for Sapim components.

 Our customers come from different countries and regions, some are bicycle trading companies, some are bicycle repair shops, and some are bicycle riders. They all gave very good comments. The development of the serenade over the years is inseparable from their support.

How to quickly find the bicycle wheel you want?

    There are many styles of carbon fiber bicycle wheels, you can choose according to your purpose.

   Serenadebikes work for carbon mountain bike rims in many years, We provide good after-sales service. One purchase, life-long friendship, we met because of carbon fiber components.

    The moutain can not met a moutain, but the moutain can met carbon mountain bike on sereadebikes.

We have classic carbon fiber bicycle rims, Hookless all-road bike rims, Tubeless carbon rims, Tubular carbon bike rims.

 About carbon firber weave, All bike components used Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber, No glass fiber components, that is why not cheapest.